Assassin's Creed Quest

Level Story : 

Henri II was killed in the battle of Legnica by general Baidar.

Pope Gregory IX appealed to Darim Ibn-La'Ahad to avenge the death of Henry. Baidar's troops and he himself stopped in the city of Krakow and took possession of Wawel Castle. The assassin will go to the castle to put an end to eliminate the genral but a surprise awaits him. The allied general Kadan will be with him and he's going to complicate the mission. When Darim kills the generals, the city will be freed from the yoke of its invaders and Henry II will be avenged.

Level objective :

Assassinate general Baidar

  • Find the general.

  • Find a way to him.

  • Eliminate the general and liberate Krakow from the Mongols.

Contraints :

  • Based on historic event between 1240-1242

  • Using the mechanics of Assassins Creeds Odyssey.

  • Made in an open-world type universe based on an existing city at the time.

  • The mission should last approximately 15-20 min.

  • Made in 3 weeks with another level designer.

My objective :

From the start of the quest, at the church, the player can see the place they need to go: The castle. Subsequently, like the mechanics of Odyssey, he can choose how to approach the entrance (Stealth or confrontation). For the final battle, I wanted to surprise the player by making him believe that he had finally reached the general but Kadan will be there and will confront him. During the fight with this NPC, the general Baidar will try to flee. The player have to quickly eliminate his opponent to pursue Baidar and assassinate him.

Creation process:

Location : Wawel, Krakow, Poland

Historical Event : Battle of Legnica


Interior of Wawel castle

 Floor 1

 Floor 2

 Floor 3

The general is located on the third floor. The player will have to find his way in order to reach Baidir. He will be protected by Kaidan, his right arm while the general tries to escape. After Kaidan is eliminated, the player will have to pursue Baidir and assassinate him in the backyard of the castle before he can escape.