Level 7

Level story :

Alexei (character) discovers a hidden place in the station. He finds the real objective of Ivy (AI of the station). From now on, Ivy doesn't help him anymore and she's going to try to eliminate him in many ways.

Level objective :

Gather all the crystals, collect information to counter Ivy's plan and find a way to escape from this station.

Contraints :​

  • LOS : 40 m.

  • The character lost 2 of his powers and recovers them at the end of the level.

  • Reflexion of new LD patterns consistent with the last levels.

  • Possible backtracking for the player.

  • Made in 14 week by students.

  • Work from home due to the pandemic situation.

My objective :

This level was the most narrative of the project so my goal was to make the player feel a strong presence from Ivy in it. To achieve this, I'm using familiar patterns and ingredients that the player has seen before, but he will have to use them in a different way. This brings an interesting challenge and a surprising moments.

Complete level video :

Creation process :

Greyboxing unity.jpg